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So we all want that sunny dry day, especially if you’ve paid a premium to get married in the height of the summer but let’s be real, the weather is one of the few things that no matter how organised you are or how good your planner is, that we simply have no control over!!  And whilst it’s always sensible to have a plan B if the weather isn’t playing ball, wind and rain have never stopped an epic party but can require a bit of pre-thought – a blog post for another day.  Don’t forget to think about what if you get everything you’d hoped for, that you wake up on the morning of your wedding and the sun is shining and there isn’t a cloud in the sky!!!  It will certainly have everyone in a great mood and means you can have that drinks reception outside like you’d been hoping but high temperatures can make the day difficult for you and your guests as much as any other weather!  You certainly don’t want Gran fainting during the ceremony, Dad conscious of sweat marks during his speech or Bridesmaids feeling sick from too much fizz and not enough water!!

Whilst I don’t want to sound like a kill-joy, water really is key on days like these!!  Fizz absolutely has its place as you all celebrate together but a couple of water chasers throughout the day is a great idea.  Maybe have some jugs of iced water with fruit on the reception drinks table that you and your guests can help yourselves too or maybe on the end of the bar.  I’ll always be on hand to run over a glass in between photos but if you don’t have a planner, maybe nominate a trusty person in your bridal party to make sure you stay hydrated and don’t get any of those killer sun headaches!

If you have children or elderly guests, it’s also worth making sure they’re looked after whilst you’re busy having photos and making your way through all your guests.

And definitely nominate someone if you’re planning on bringing your beloved pet pooch to the big day!!  You will be so busy being the newly married couple, you won’t be able to give him/her your full attention and so having someone there who can make sure they are well watered and kept in suitable shady spots is a must!!

Any bar/venue/catering team worth their weight should make sure there are water jugs on each table throughout your wedding meal but maybe make a little note beforehand to request that they are kept topped up!  You want your party to last all night, not peak at 6pm because all your guests were too drunk and under watered to carry on.

Also consider shady spots, both for your guests to enjoy and for you guys to have your photos.  Whilst clear blue skies are stunning in photos, no one wants a collection of squinty pictures.  Your photographer should be able to pick out the bests spot for you for this.  A lot of venues will have spots already, maybe there is a veranda or trees that provide this perfectly, however if you’re having your wedding in the centre of a large field then during the middle of the day, there isn’t going to be much shade around and it’s certainly worth considering before the day!

If you have any suppliers that will be outside then it can also be worth giving them a heads up if there are no shady spots!  A singer is never going to be as good during your drinks reception if she’s struggling to get through the set with 25+ degree sun baking down directly above her!

Depending on the type of venue you have booked, will affect how much consideration needs to go on when your inside.  Most hotels and such will have built in AC systems which should keep everyone cool, but if your top table is in a beautiful bay window or a greenhouse then you may want to make sure there are things in place for when the sun comes beating down on it.  Can any blinds be pulled down, do the windows open, are there additional fans!?  If you’re in a marquee or tipi, do the sides open, again are there any AC/Fan options!?  It’s always better to be over prepared and they not be needed then not be able to enjoy your meal because of the heat.

When visiting your venue, don’t forget that how it feels when there’s a few of your walking around will be very different to when it’s full of all your guests, all in suits/dresses and a room full of candles etc.

If you know you’re going to be getting married in a heatwave then a few extra shirts for the guys certainly wouldn’t go a miss!!  I once ran a wedding where a guest approached me in the morning, asking if I could store somewhere handy a spare shirt he had brought with him as it was so hot and I thought this was genius!!  On the same day, Father of the Bride approached me before the meal asking if I had anything that would help dry him out as he had kept his jacket on throughout the drinks reception and he’s now completely drenched his shirt, at that point, there really is only so much that can be done without spare to change into.

Finally, don’t forget sun cream!!  I know it’s not a priority on the morning of your wedding but honestly worth it’s wait in gold!!  Just slaver it on whilst chilling in your PJs with the girls, in fact all of you could do it together, just get it on.  It could save you so much later on and maybe have a bottle of two in the toilets for you and your guests to top up with later on if required!

Honestly, the weather has never made or broke a wedding day, you and your guests are going to have THE BEST time whatever happens but plenty of water and a little sunscreen can go a big way to helping everything run as planned on those truly scorching summer days!!

As always, if I can help at all with any of this then please do not hesitate to get in touch.