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As confirmed by Satine and Christian in the Moulin Rouge, Season’s May Change, Winter to Spring but love will always go on!!…

Summer is always going to be the most popular time for weddings, the chance of drinks outside and photos long into the evening will always be top of people’s wish list.  Not to mention certain venues, such as some marquees and barns will only be a realistic option in warmer times but there is so much more to consider then just the weather.  I’ve put together a handy list below of pros and cons to each season to help when considering your ideal date…

Winter Weddings

A Christmas wedding provides a great celebratory theme and NYE weddings are always great excuse for a big party!  Snow can provide a very romantic aesthetic and a moody winter sky can be a photographers dream.

It can also be a great time to honeymoon as places further away will be in their summer.

With the exception of Christmas and NYE, winter weddings tend to be cheaper with more availabilities for suppliers and venues.

Brides have the opportunity to go for unique dresses that are complemented by furs and luxurious fabrics that would be too heavy for hot weather.

Candles really do come into their own for winter weddings though day light does need to be considered when planning the day to make sure enough time is allocated early enough to get all the photos you want.

On the flip side, winter weddings do have to contend with unpredictable weather and there’s usually more of a chance of rain then snow.  Events needs to be inside rather then having more outdoor elements and this needs to be reflected in the venue and type of events planned.

Spring Weddings

Spring represents new beginnings and so can be the perfect time for starting a new life together and is a personal favourite of mine!

The weather can give you perfect outdoor options without any extreme heat issues.  Though as with any season, it’s always good to have a wet weather plan should those April showers hit.

There is a vast array of flowers with a range of colours available.

This can be a popular time of the year so availability of suppliers and venues may be more of an issue, particularly on the bank holiday weekends.

And if you are wanting a church wedding, it can be best to avoid Easter and it’s run up as these are very busy times in the church calendar.

Summer Weddings

Best chance of great weather, opportunities to hold outdoor activities and to really make the most of the beauty of the Lake District.

The school holidays open up week days for teachers and those with children, though you may lose some guests to having holidays already booked or even already attending another wedding on that date!

Temperatures really can soar in the summer and extra consideration needs to be given to things such as water and sunscreen, we have a whole other blog post related to dealing with heat, do check it out!

As I mentioned earlier it is the most popular times for weddings so things may be unavailable and you’re generally going to be paying a premium for them.

Autumn Weddings

Like Spring, you have the potential for a sunny day without the heat of the summer!

Autumn provides some of the most gorgeous colours, with truly exquisite flowers and foliage.

Late Autumn can be quieter providing more availability and possibly cheaper rates.

The cooler weather also offers the opportunity to indulge in hearty and warming foods.

Of course, the further into Autumn you go the more chance you have of rainier days and chilly evenings.

With people heading back to school and work, it can sometimes be tricky to get time off.

There is also the consideration of hurricane season for some honeymoon destinations at this time of year.

Which ever season you go for, own it and absolutely make the most of what it has to offer!  If you want any help or tips on how best to do this then please do not hesitate to get in touch.